Tips in the 'Word' Category

How to Select Text in Word

You already know that whenever you need to copy, cut or change the format of text in Word you need to select it first. Selected text looks like this. Using the mouse makes it very easy to select text. To select just one word; double-click on the word. To select a group of words; click […]

Accents and Foreign Characters in Word

Wether it’s a name like Siân or a word like résumé there are many occassions when we need to add an accent or a foreign character. Of course, we could use Insert|Symbol but it gets a bit tedious if you need to add an accent or foreign character frequently. There is a quicker, easier way […]

Calculation formula in a table in Word

If your table has a row or column of numbers you can enter a formula similar to those in Excel to add up all the numbers. For example: To add up a row of numbers; click in the right-most cell of the table (making sure it’s empty, of course) and on the Word toolbar click […]

Keyboard shortcuts to Copy, Cut and Paste in Word

Instead of using the mouse to point and click at the edit menu and choose “copy”, “cut”, or “paste” you can use the keyboard for swift editing. While holing down the Ctrl key press: “C” to Copy “X” to Cut “V” to Paste For Example: To move a word select the word then press Ctrl […]

Word shortcut to capitalise headings

When you are writing your Word document you can easily capitalise headings using s build-in Word shortcut. Write the heading as normal. Select the line. Press shift+F3 to toggle through capitalising options: ALL CAPS / First Letter Of Each Word / no caps i.e. all lower case. If you’re like me this will save a […]