How to Select Text in Word

You already know that whenever you need to copy, cut or change the format of text in Word you need to select it first.

Selected text looks like this.

Using the mouse makes it very easy to select text.

  • To select just one word; double-click on the word.
  • To select a group of words; click on the first word, hold down the shift key and click the last word you want to select. All the words – from first to last, and those between are now selected.
  • To select a whole sentence; hold down the Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence.
  • To select a line of text; move the mouse to the left until the mouse arrow points in towards the document and click.
  • To select a whole paragraph; triple-click anywhere in the paragraph.
  • To select everything i.e. the entire document and any pictures use the keyboard; hold down the Ctrl key and press “A”.

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