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How to Disable the “Desktop Cleanup” in XP

Do you get a message every so often that says “There are unused icons on your desktop” and offers to clean it up for you?  If you’ve ever accepted the offer you then find that some of your essential, but infrequently used, shortcuts have gone missing.  Or maybe you are jusst fed up with being […]

Configure XP to reopen open folders on restart

Imagine this common scenario: You’ve just installed new software and now have to restart your PC. Normally you would log back in to your usual desktop and manually fid and re-open all the folders you were working in. If you would like XP to automatically reopen all the previously open folders when you restarted your […]

Using the Windows key

Ever wonder what the Windows key can be used for? Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key. The Windows key is on the bottom left of the keyboard between “Ctrl” and “Alt” and has the Windows symbol on it. The position on laptops may vary. In this list of shortcuts “WK” […]