Using the Windows key

Ever wonder what the Windows key can be used for? Here are some useful
keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key.

The Windows key is on the bottom left of the keyboard between “Ctrl” and “Alt”
and has the Windows symbol on it.
windows key
The position on laptops may vary.

In this list of shortcuts “WK” stands for “Windows Key”

WK – Displays the Start Menu

WK + D Toggles Minimise all windows and Restore all windows
e.g. Press WK + D and all the windows will be minismised
Press WK + D again and all the windows are restored

WK + E
Opens a new Explorer window

WK + F Displays the Find dialog box

WK + L Locks your Windows XP computer

WK + M Minimises all open windows. Different to WK + D
in that there is no restore when you press this combination again.
See below for the restore combination.

WK + R Display the Run command

WK + F1 Displays the Help menu for MS Windows

WK + Pause/Break Displays the System Properties dialog box

WK + Tab Cycles through buttons of open applications on the task bar

WK + Shift + M Restores all windows that were open before you
pressed WK + M

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