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Common Problems With Home Networks (3)

Router Failure Just as a computer can crash or hang so can a router. In effect a router is a one-purpose computer. Like a computer it has a micro-processor, memory and an operating system. It is pre-programmed to perform the specific task of receiving network signals on one connection and sending them down another and […]

Common Problems With Home Networks (2)

A Firewall Block One of the most common problems with home networks is caused by firewalls blocking network connections on the computers. Firewalls provide essential security to Windows but sometimes it can take a lot of work to get the settings right. Not so tight that you can’t use networking and not so loose that […]

How to avoid mis-keying Caps Lock

You know how it is. You are happily typing away when all of a sudden your text switches to ALL CAPS. It’s easy to hit the Caps Lock key when typing – we’ve all done it. It’s also frustrating because you have to delete what you’ve just typed take off the Caps Lock and type […]

Clean up your hard disk

It doesn’t take long for any hard disk to pick up lots of junk files. For example, whenever you go on to the Internet almost all the information that you see has been downloaded to your hard disk. Other applications such as Word and Excel create temporary files as soon as you open them. Over […]

Keep Your PC Safe with the latest Windows updates

New ways of hacking, controlling or infecting your PC with a virus are being discovered almost daily. As these new threats emerge, Microsoft updates its Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications to block them. However, you need to download the updates regularly to be sure of getting maximum protection. Hackers and software manufacturers are […]

Common Problems That Slow Down Your PC (4)

Spyware and Malicious Programs – If you have ever experienced annoyances such as a new toolbar in your Internet browser, or a new start-up page that you did not set, you are likely plagued with spyware. Every PC should be protected using security software that includes anti-virus, anti-spyware and a firewall. See for further […]

Common Problems That Slow Down Your PC (3)

Too Many Start-Up Programs – When you boot your computer, there are several programs that automatically start behind the scenes. These programs eat up your computer’s available processing capacity and slow it down dramatically. Most likely, you don’t need all of these programs to automatically start when you boot your computer. viagra onlinecialis price comparisonorder […]

Common Problems That Slow Down Your PC (2)

Full Hard Drive – It’s possible that your hard drive could be too full of data to function efficiently. If you use a digital camera or store video or music on your PC you can soon run out of disk space if you are not careful. As a rule of thumb it is best to […]

Common Problems That Slow Down Your PC (1)

Remember how fast your PC was when it was brand new? Back then it would start up within seconds and programs would load almost instantaneously. But how is it these days? Is it taking several minutes to start up and programs you load seem slow and unresponsive? This is a very common scenario and one […]

Spell Check Your Emails

It’s easy to misspell a word when you are writing an email.  From typing errors (like ths) to general ignorance of correct spelling.  Luckily, for those of us who care about our spelling, computers can come to the rescue.  But there’s a catch, as you’ll see. If you use Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook, it’s […]