Common Problems That Slow Down Your PC (1)

Remember how fast your PC was when it was brand new? Back then it would start up within seconds and programs would load almost instantaneously. But how is it these days? Is it taking several minutes to start up and programs you load seem slow and unresponsive? This is a very common scenario and one that can be avoided with a little care and attention. If you are not fully confident in tackling any of these issues you should get professional help as any mistakes may totally wreak your PC.

1. Not Enough Memory – It’s important to have enough memory on your computer to keep programs running smoothly, especially if you have large programs like Microsoft Office, or play a lot of PC games. If you are using Windows XP I would recommend at least 1Gb RAM and 2Gb RAM if you are using Vista. The amount of RAM your PC has can be checked by right-clicking ‘My Computer’ and choosing ‘Properties’.


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