Common Problems With Home Networks (2)

A Firewall Block

One of the most common problems with home networks is caused by firewalls blocking network connections on the computers. Firewalls provide essential security to Windows but sometimes it can take a lot of work to get the settings right. Not so tight that you can’t use networking and not so loose that it doesn’t protect your computer.

If you are getting strange errors when trying to connect to a printer or another computer it may be the Firewall is restricting connection. So, first of all try turning off the firewall – but just for a few minutes. Then try connecting again. If you can connect with the firewall turned off but not when it’s turned on then the firewall is the problem.

To fix the firewall preventing a network connection you should create what’s called “an exception”. This is a rule that tells the firewall to allow the connection you are making. If it’s a computer you are trying to connect to try putting in a rule that allows connections to it’s IP address. To find a computers IP address do the following:
Click “Start”
Click “Run”
Enter “cmd” and click “OK”
You should get a new window with a black background and a flashing short white line.
Type “ipconfig” and press enter
Write down the IP Address (a set of four numbers such as
Type “exit” and press enter to close the window.
You now now the ip address to create the exception rule.

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