Calculation formula in a table in Word

If your table has a row or column of numbers you can enter a formula similar to those in Excel to add up all the numbers.

For example:

To add up a row of numbers; click in the right-most cell of the table (making sure it’s empty, of course) and on the Word toolbar click Table / Formula. Word will suggest a formula of =SUM(LEFT). Press enter and it will automatically add up all the values in the row. If the values change then click in to the cell with the formula and press F9 to update the calculation.

The same method can be used to add up a column of numbers. Click in the bottom cell of the column. Choose Table / Formula in the Word toolbar and accept the suggested formula =SUM(ABOVE).

NB: You can’t just enter the formula like you can in Excel. You must use the toolbar command Table/Formula.

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