Common Problems With Home Networks (1)


It’s normal for a wireless signal to be different strengths in different locations around the home. However, if you find the strength is frequently going up and down, or even dropping out altogether, the problem may caused by interference. Cordless phones, mobile phones and baby monitors are only some of the devices that may be competing with your wireless network. Perhaps your neighbours have wireless networks too. If so, it is possible that their wireless is interfering with the signal of your wireless network.

Fortunately, to fix a weak or unsteady wireless signal doesn’t always mean buying new equipment. Most wireless routers allow you to change what’s called the wireless “channel”. This is the frequency range the router will transmit It could be your next door neighbour has a wireless network transmitting on the same channel and this is causing the interference. So simply changing the channel for your wireless network may fix the weak or unsteady signal. Of course, there may be more than one neighbour with a wireless network so some experimentation with channels may be required until you find one that no-one else is using. This fix may also work for the other wireless devices at home.

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