Google Tips 1

If you are a regular user of the Internet then no doubt you have used Google to search for information. Most people using Google just type in some words or a phrase to do with the topic they are looking for. However, Google has some very helpful tricks to make your search far more powerful and I would like to introduce you to a few of these.

1) site:URL and search term. For example “wireless router”. Notice no spaces between the word ‘site’ and the colon and the website you wish to search. Putting the search term within quotation marks makes sure Google searches for the phrase “wireless router” and not just the words “wireless” or “rotuer”.
2) Define:word This is such a helpful tool in Google. How many times have you been reading something on a web page or in a manual and come across some acronym or technical word that you didn’t know the meaning of. Just type it in to Google with the “define:” (don’t forget the colon) prefix. For example define:isp to get a list of definitions for the acronym “isp”. Oh, and it works for any dictionary word too e.g. define:monogenism
3) Filetype:file extension and search term. This lets you search for particular types of file related to your search term. For example to find powerpoint presentations about castles use the following:
“filetype:ppt castles” .

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