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Best Broadband Provider

We use Hard Drive Buyer ( for all our hard drive purchases, and you can too, just click a link below: CTU is continually researching Internet and magazine reports to find the best products for our clients.  You can benefit from this research on this page where products are not only recommended but you can take immediate action to obtain them by following the link.

Spyware Doctor

Spyware is a type of computer program that is installed without the users knowlege or consent and then monitors what users do with their computer and then sends that information over the Internet. Spyware can collect many different types of information about a user. Some of the least harmful programs can track what types of websites a user visits and send this information to an advertisement agency. Some of the more dangerous versions of Spyware can try to copy what a user types on the keyboard to aiming to catch and record passwords or credit card numbers. Other versions of Spyware, sometimes called "Adware" simply launch popup advertisements.

All Spyware is bad for your PC because, even the most harmless are taking up resources of memory, computing power and Internet bandwidth which may cause your PC to slow down.  The worst are stealing your credit card details or your passwords for online accounts.  If your PC is connected to the Internet you need Spyware Doctor.

CTU recommends Spyware Doctor because it is one of the best anti-spyware systems available and is recommended by PC Pro,  Tucows,  PC Magazine,  PC World,  PC User and

Click for a FREE Spyware Scan of your PC

Registry Mechanic

In the Windows operating system the registry is a database which stores information, settings and options for all the hardware, software and users.  For example, whenever a user changes the "wallpaper", runs an application or opens a file this is recorded and stored in the Registry.

If the Registry becomes corrupt, contains errors or is not updated properly when applications are installed and un-installed the performance of the PC can be affected.  In some cases the PC may crash frequently or in extreme cases may not start up at all.

Without proper maintenace the Registry can become a "time-bomb" waiting to cause problems to your PC.

Once installed and set to work Registry Mechanic will safely clean, repair and optimise the Registry making your PC more stable and improve performance.  With recommendations from  PC Plus, PC Advisor,  ZDNet, Tucows, WUGNET, and PC World this is one of the best available products for keeping your PC in tip-top condition.

Click here to start a Registry scan now

PC Tools Anti-Virus

A computer virus is the term used to describe any type of malicious software which alters the way a computer operates without the knowledge or permission of the user.  Many automatically copy or send themselves to other computers using any one of a variety of methods such as e-mail or a security flaw in a PC network.  A computer virus may have a number of possible purposes or "payload".  For example, some use your PC to send "Spam" others may destroy all your digital pictures.

E-mail has become one of the most common methods used to spread a computer virus and in 1999 the "Melissa" virus caused large companies like Microsoft to shut down their e-mail systems until a fix could be found.  In 2004 the fastest ever spread of an e-mail borne virus "Mydoom" infected 250,000 computers in one day.

Having an anti-virus program on your PC really is an absolute essential - but make sure you are using one that is updated frequently and is easy to use.  PC Tools Anti-Virus provides real-time protection and rapid database updates and is trusted by millions of people worlwide to keep their PCs free from malicious programs.  Recommended by PC Advisor, PC Pro, PC Answers, and PC Magazine.

Click here to download a 30-day trail version of PC Tools Anti-Virus

Online Backup

What is the most valuable part of your PC?

The correct answer is your data.  That is, your photos, music files, documents etc.  These things are irreplacable.  Everything else can be replaced with new purchases but those precious photos of the holiday in Disney World or the video of the kids in their school play.

You do backup your PC don't you?  I certainly hope so!
If you don't backup your PC it' sonly a matter of time before you wish you did.  Not if, but when your hard disk becomes so corrupted that you can't start up Windows anymore or get access to your files it'll be too late to think of backing up your data.

Mozy offer an online backup service which means your files are copied across the Internet to their secure servers.  The advantage of this is that you don;t have to worry about where you put your latest backup nor have the hassle of keeping a copy of your backup "off site" in case everything gets stolen or destroyed.  The service isn't free but it's not expensive.  It's usually about $5 a month which is peanuts for the peace of mind it can give you knowing that all your data is safe.

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